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New Asylum Rules, Gaza War Conduct, Autopilot Fantasies?

New Asylum Rules, Gaza War Conduct, Autopilot Fantasies?
Hunter Biden’s gun charges trial looks on track to start in June as judges reject his team’s efforts to get charges dismissed.
Critical medical anthropologist Adrienne Pine joins Misfits hosts Michelle Witte and John Kiriakou to discuss the rise of conversations addressing menopause, what role pharmaceutical companies are playing in the new attention to the condition, why women’s health remains so ignored by the medical community, how progress on transgender health might have contributed to a greater focus on women’s health across the board, and the possible impact of a a new asylum rule proposed by the Biden administration that will accelerate broad-brush deportations.
Retired United States Army colonel and retired US State Department official Ann Wright discusses the news that the US State Department might claim not to have found any war crimes in Israel’s actions in Gaza in a new report, how the department weeds damning information out of reports like this, how Congressional Democrats are slowly turning against President Joe Biden’s policies with regard to Israel, and what good Washington’s new Gaza pier could possibly do.
Leading activist and evangelist for Modern Monetary Theory Steve Grumbine discusses contradictory economic headlines showing great news for corporations but bad news for workers, what keeps widening the gap between economic elites and the rest of us, and whether corporations are really “sitting out” the 2024 election.
Technologist and cohost of the CovertAction Bulletin podcast Chris Garaffa discusses the state of automated driving technology, why so much attention and money is being pumped into self-driving cars and not public transportation, how a new Apple commercials shows Silicon Valley’s disdain for human art and creativity, and a BetterHelp settlement for selling the data of its mental health counseling clients.
The Misfits also discuss a giant new plane and the FAA reauthorization bill.
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